PRESS RELEASE – DigiENTAid PROJECT: Empowering Small Businesses for the Digital Era

[July 18, 2023] – The “DigiENTAid” project, an Erasmus+ initiative, brings together five international partners dedicated to supporting small businesses and self-employed individuals at risk of bankruptcy due to outdated and non-digital business models.
In response to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the project aims to empower these businesses by helping them transition into the digital age.The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in businesses worldwide. Factors such as dependence on economic growth, high levels of inequality, weak international coordination and collaboration standards, and a reliance on just-in-time global value and supply chains have been prominently highlighted in recent years.
Consequently, businesses that had not embraced digital transformation and updated their business models have been particularly hard hit. The DigiENTAid project seeks to address this issue by providing support and developing useful tools for such businesses.
The DigiENTAid project focuses on three key objectives:

  • Development of an innovative training toolkit: The project has developed a blended training program, “Crisis Resilience, Business Sustainability, and Digital Readiness,” based on the Matrix of Crisis Resilience and Digital Customer Retention Competences. This toolkit aims to enhance digital organizational readiness for 70 small business owners and self-employed individuals vulnerable to crisis through a self-assessment tool and comprehensive training.
  • Promotion of IT and digital marketing practices: The project aims to increase awareness and understanding of good practices for pivoting small businesses towards more digital business models. By disseminating these transversal methodologies to 290 small business owners and other stakeholders, the project seeks to foster the widespread use of IT and digital marketing strategies.
  • Capacity building and training: To further strengthen digital education, the project plans to train 25 consultants. This initiative will enhance the partner organizations’ capacity to develop and utilize innovative training toolkits, expanding their ability to support small businesses in their digital transformation journey.

Although the pandemic may be officially over, its effects continue to reverberate throughout the business landscape. The work carried out by the partners in the DigiENTAid project is of crucial importance. What was once considered important before Covid-19 has now become an inevitable necessity for SMEs and self-employed workers.
Their digitization and the updating of their business models are essential for future success.We invite you to visit the website ( ) and social media profiles ( ) of the DigiENTAid project to learn more about this innovative and much-needed initiative. By equipping small businesses and self-employed individuals with new tools for the future, this project ensures that they are better prepared to face whatever challenges lie ahead.
Crises may bring tension and challenges, but they can also be catalysts for powerful transformations, and it is with this vision in mind that we continue our work.

About DigiENTAid:DigiENTAid is a collaborative project undertaken by Fpimm Brasov and the partnership Storytellme, Grantxpert Consulting Limited, Isob, and Dermol. The project, funded by Erasmus+, aims to support small businesses and self-employed individuals in their digital transition to build resilient and sustainable futures.
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