Project overview and aims

One of the biggest goals of this project is to support small businesses and self-employed at risk of failing in the Covid induced crisis due to outdated, non-digital business models to become crisis resilient through digital business models and digital outreach to customers. Having also set more specific objectives such as:

• Development of innovative training toolkit based on Matrix of Crisis Resilience and Digital Customer Retention Competences and on self-assessment tool, developing a blended training program “Crisis resilience, business sustainability and digital readiness”, in order to increase the digital organisational readiness in case of 70 small business owners and self-employed vulnerable to crisis.

• Supporting the professional use of IT and digital marketing, increase the awareness for good practices of pivoting small businesses to more digital business models, enhancing the widespread use of such transversal methodologies by disseminating to 290 small business owners and other stakeholders.

• Increasing the digital education and partner organisations capacity to develop and use innovative training toolkit by training of 25 consultants.