Development of small vulnerable SME and self-employed resilience and digital agility blended training programme and User Community

The aim is to support learners from small vulnerable SMEs and self-employed , particularly those affected by the Covid crisis with limited access to training (accessibility, time and location limitations and flexibility) to get access to motivation and guidance on how to become more resilient and agile.

This has two components:

• A switch in the mindset and additional technical skills and digital customer outreach.

• Snippet learnings (each taking a few minutes) in various formats and media (transmedia strategy)

The target groups will be included in the production of the media and will be encouraged to produce such media themselves and transform externally driven learning to a community learning approach.

Check out the Framework developed for PR4
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Visual Norms And Guide Book

Game Card Template

New methods to cope with rapid changes for SMEs recovering from the pandemic


Examples of good practices from Europe role
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